Chaturmas चतुर्मास -2021

This article will provide you the necessary information about chaturmas vrata duration data of chaturmas this year.

Usually chaturmas period begins in month of Ashada (June-July) and ends in Kartika masha (October-November).

Chaturmas means as it name i.e. four month in which bhagwan Vishnu sleeps . According to hindu month it is Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, Kartika. The montths are dedicated to prayers, rituals and worship. Therefore marriage,griha pravesha and other similar functions are not observed.

It begins on the day of Ekadashi in sukla paksh Ashadh and ends on same day ekadashi in sukla paksha of Kartik masha.

It is believed that celestial beings and saints do not move around in the universe. They stay stationed at one place and perform Tapas and intense austerities.

Most of the important festivals associated with Hinduism are closely linked to agriculture and especially the harvest season. The monsoon rains brings joy, greenery and fresh air and the four months is considered highly auspicious and ideal for rituals, pujas and festivals.

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